Protest in Marib against negligence of detained journalists

Protest in Marib against negligence of detained journalists

Alsahwa Net- Families to detained journalists, reporters and human rights activists held on Thursday a sit-in in Marib city protesting negligence by the government and the United Nations (UN) Special Envoy to Yemen in including detained journalists in Houthis-run prisons within ongoing talks for release.

A news release by participants in the sit-in, held the government’ delegation legal accountability towards ignorance of the detained journalists.

It said that the release of civilian detainees has been changed by a Houthis into a bargaining chip for political extortion.

It also held the UN Envoy, Martin Griffiths accountable to safety of the detained journalists and responsible for the change of the detainees’ rights from a humanitarian into a bargaining chip.

“We followed up the new round of talks between the government and the Houthis militia in Geneva and we hoped for release of our relative journalists. Yet they were eliminated from the lists of the upcoming release,” the statement read.

It demanded the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS) to designate one of its members to follow up the case of the detained journalists in coordination with the concerned international organizations to pressurize for their release.

Over ten of Yemeni journalists have been in Houthis-custody since mid-2015 with four of them were sentenced to death last April.


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