International experts highlight Houthis’ military use of schools

International experts highlight Houthis’ military use of schools

Alsahwa Net- The International and Regional Eminent Experts on Yemen said that the Houthis use schools in provinces of their control for military uses and forced educators to indoctrinate children the Houthis’ ideology and incite them to join their military forces.  

In their recent report, the experts say that parties to the conflict continue to deprive children of their fundamental right to education through the military use of schools, manipulation of education and targeting of educators.

“The Group found that the Houthis used the education system to indoctrinate students on Houthi ideology, incite violence and recruit children in 34 schools across six governorates: Amran, Dhamar, Raymah, Sa’ada, Sana’a, Ta’izz.”

 The Group verified two cases of detention and forced displacement of educators, and received allegations of 54 educators being threatened, detained and financially/administratively sanctioned for refusing to collaborate with Houthi child recruitment efforts.

It indicated that the cut of monthly payments to 108,000 teachers since late 2016 in the Houthis-held areas drove qualified teachers to leave schools looking for alternative sources of income.

It said that the displacement of teachers has left a gap that was filled by the Houthis-affiliated volunteers that strengthened Houthis’ efforts at their ideology indoctrination and recruitment among the chidden.   

The experts said that it received documents that suggest volume of change into the educational recruitment in one district of the Houthis-held areas where 20 percent of registered teachers have been replaced by Houthis-affiliated volunteers.

Teachers who object military use of schools and incitement of violence were threatened, illegally dismissed or forced to displace, according to the report.

It said that the experts found systematic method of incite to violence and children military recruitment according to quoted teachers.

It indicated that the Houthis run 429 committee at the province level to target schools for indoctrination and military recruitment. 

The report which was released on 9 September of this year under the title: Impunity Pandemic in a Tortured Land covers violations between July 2019 to June 2020.

The report was presented last Tuesday to the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

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