Intimidations continue against businesses in Houthis-held areas

Intimidations continue against businesses in Houthis-held areas

Alsahwa Net-The private businesses in Yemen have been a target to a wide range of intimidations by the Houthis militants.

Alasima local News Website reported that intimidations against the businesses included direct and indirect violations. Direct violations included stealing of funds and abduction of staffers.

Indirect violations included imposing payoffs, frequent collection of illegal taxes and collection of forcible financial contributions to fund Houthis sectarian events.

The list of targeted businesses included commercial organizations, banks, money exchange services, malls, hospitals, universities, training centers and restaurants as well as small businesses and vendors.

The reporting team of the documentary report on intimidation against businesses said that reported violations against private businesses between early 2019 and the first six months of 2020 reached 1,400 intimidations.

It said that 16 banks were looted, 120 money exchange services, 95 commercial organizations, 214 malls, 23 hospitals, 11 universities and training centers and 120 bakeries were stolen.

Other 383 small businesses and 14 private electricity stations were stolen or attacked.

The Houthis imposed five percent as payoffs on restaurants and bakeries which led to the shutdown of several small businesses.

Economists say that the Houthis collect every month about YR27 billion from payoffs they impose on various businesses operating in areas of their control.

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