Press Summary 2020-09-29

Press Summary 2020-09-29


  1. Yemen’s political parties in Shabwa have renewed their call for evacuating the country’s biggest industrial facility from UAE troops to allow resuming Yemeni liquefied natural gas and earn badly needed revenues for the country. Source: Almasdar Online news website.
  2. Minister of Fisheries Fahd Kafayen has called on the government for an emergency meeting over the STC militia’s escalation in Socotra archipelago. He said the Riyadh Agreement is falling apart. Source: Multiple news websites.
  3. First Deputy Governor of Abyan and tribal chieftain Sheikh Walid Alfadhli said the depreciation of the national currency Riyal is being employed as a tool to starve the Yemeni people so as to “force the country’s legitimate leadership to bow.” Source: Aden Alghad website.

  4. “Activist Mane’a al-Matari: Houthis are no less criminal than Al-Qaeda and ISIL,” reads the headline of an article on multiple websites:

  5. Houthis shell Hays district in Hodeidah with artillery fire. Source: 24 Post news website.

  6. The Deputy Youth and Sports Minister in the Houthi-self-styled government Osama Sari has called for killing and crucifying his own “prime minister” Bin Habtoor and the “Minister of Environment and Water” in Sanaa’s main square of AL-Tahreer, accusing them of corruption. Source: Several news websites.
  7. The armed forces destroyed a Houthi reconnaissance unit in Nehm. Source: several websites.

  8. “My salary no longer suffices to purchase the things of my child: Price rise threatens epic disaster in Yemen,” reads the headline of an investigative report by Aden Alghad website.

  9. The Association of Mothers of Hostages in Houthi detention have appealed to the international community to enforce the warring parties to exchange prisoners and ensure the Geneva Agreement is adhered to. Source: several websites.

  10. Yemeni activists criticize the division of prisoner exchange into phases, casting doubts on Houthis seriousness. Source: Aden Alghad website.

  11. Price of food stuff in continuous rise in Aden. Source: Bawabati website

  12. Shabwa province is enjoying a good pace of development and services thanks to the efforts of its governor Mohammed bin Eideiw, a senior Hadhramout journalist said. Source: Aden Alghad website.


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