Report: Houthis steal public funds using Zakat claim

Report: Houthis steal public funds using Zakat claim

Alsahwa Net- An investigative report said that the Houthis stole billions of Yemenis Rial from the public funds using the Zakat claim.

The report said that stolen funds were disbursed on Houthis leaders who come mostly from alleged Hashemite origin.

The report, which was published by Yemen site, supported its information with documents of stolen funds that were withdrawn from the Zakat Public Authority.

Published documents suggest that 620 checks were paid to several Houthis leaders during the first six months of 2019, according to the report.

The report said that the Houthis also paid tens of millions of Yemeni Rial to Houthis-affiliated organizations whereby YR half billion was paid to a Houthi foundation in a four-day period and another Houthis-affiliated organization received YR0.25 billion in the following two days.

The Houthis pay regularly tens of millions to their Imams and sectarian centers.

The Houthis endorsed early last June a discriminative act that allows disbursing 20 percent of Yemen’s resources and private possessions on people with alleged connections to the Hashemite family.

The disclosure of public funds looting comes amidst millions of Yemenis starving or on the brink of famine as a result of the ongoing war that was initiated by the Houthis’ coup in late 2014.

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