Citizens denounce Houthis’ attack on schools and mosques of Marib

Citizens denounce Houthis’ attack on schools and mosques of Marib

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis’ missile attack on Al-Methaq School three days ago -that coincided with popular celebration to the 26 September 1962 revolution- marks black record of crimes against civilians.

The Houthis often target schools, residential areas and mosques when proved failure to conquer any province.

Indeed, the Houthis lost thousands of their fighters in Marib in open fighting with government forces backed by the local tribesmen.

Citizens who spoke to Alsahwa Net said that the attacks on mosques, civilians’ houses and schools have been the feature of the Houthis who care not to lives of civilians and the public infrastructure.

The Houthis targeted on Friday 28 August 2020 a mosque for the Special Security Forces in Marib using a ballistic missile. The attack happened while troops were performing Al-Fajr prayer. Six soldiers were killed, and 40 others were injured. 

On Saturday 18 January of this year, the Houthis implemented a missile and drone attack on a mosque of a military camp in Marib. The attack took place while troops were performing Al-Maghrib prayer and it resulted into 116 deaths and 60 injuries among the soldiers.

The Houthis launched a missile attack late last March targeted a mosque of the 4th Brigade of the Presidential Protection Forces in Marib. The attack then killed 80 soldiers and injured over 130 others. 

In March 2017, the Houthis attacked a mosque of a military camp that resulted into 27 deaths and scores of injuries among the troops.

The Houthis have targeted about 750 mosques between late 2014 to late 2019 across Yemeni provinces. The group exploded also 79 mosques.

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