Press and Social Media Summary

Press and Social Media Summary


  1. The Houthi militant Hameed al-Tawari accused of involvement in assassinating Saudi embassy official Khaled Al-Anzi in 2012 has died of wounds sustained in Arab Coalition airstrike on a Houthi military reinforcement in Aljawf last June. Source of the story: Almasdaronline news website.

  2. A civil disobedience has gripped Hadhramout, while millions of people in Sana’a and other provinces are ready to start “a hunger-driven revolution. Source: Akhbar Alyemen news website.

  3. The Houthi militia is widely spying on the public in Sana’a through the internet and deploying massive number of spies. They use women, men, neighborhood chieftains and unemployed idle people to tighten their grip on the population of the city. Thousands of people have been arrested and disappeared upon false tipoffs and discretionary motives. Source: The London-based Al-Sharq Al-Awsat website.

  4. Houthis have excluded journalists from their prisoner exchange agreement with the government. The militia has scores of journalists in jail. Source: Multiple news websites.

  5. The Director of the Prisoners Foundation Hadi Hayj said the Houthi militia has for six years been using journalists in its captivity as hostages and therefore refuses to release them. In a memo to the UN peace mediator’s deputy, Hayj said journalists have been subjected to all forms of torture in the radical militia’s jail, calling on the UN to intervene to secure their release. Source: multiple websites.

  6. We are only fighting for peace. And in pursuit of peace, we won’t get tired or bored. Perhaps our prisoner exchange deal exemplifies this, the Houthi self-styled foreign minister Hussein al-Ezzi said. Source: Crater Sky website.

  7. The Houthi militia have gunned down a young boy in Hays district of Hodeidah province, hours after another sniper had gunned down a young girl. Source: Alharf28 news website.

  8. Houthis have unveiled a new banknote of Yemeni thousand Riyals they got printed in spite of this being the exclusive right of the government, Several websites reported this story using a video of someone unwrapping bands of banknotes as an evidence for that claim.
  9. One northern Yemeni was killed and several others were injured today as Southern Transitional Council opened fire on them in Aden. The northerners were lining up to undergo medical checks, a requirement for Yemenis wanting to get visas to Saudi Arabia. Northern Yemenis often face inhumane treatment by the [separatist] security forces in Aden. Source: Yemen Direct news website.
  10. The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms, an NGO, said it has recorded 65971 Houthi abuses against children in Yemen from the beginning of 2015 to August 30, 2019. Source: Sana’aonline and other news websites reported quoting a statement from the NGO.
  11. Three Arab Coalition strikes dealt a severe blow this morning to a Houthi armed convoy that was heading from Sana’a to Marib, local sources told Almashehad Alyemeni website.

  12. The Yemeni currency Riyal has regained a slight part of its value lost over the past few days, due to government measures. The Yemeni Riyal has been depreciating since the slide of the country into conflict in 215. Source: Multiple news websites.

  13. The UAE has brought 100 STC armed militiamen to Socotra to consolidate its hold on the archiplegao. Source: Yemen Shabab TV.

  14. In a letter to President Hadi, the governor of Socotra complained that the STC has brought one thousand of its militants to Socotra “to fight the people of the island.” He said many foreigners have arrived to the island without visas and a vessel carrying wireless telecom equipment arrived to the shores without consent from the government. Source: news website.



Social media

  1. Houthis honor no deals. But they may be serious in prisoner exchange with the government this time. They never care about their Zanabeel (tribal supporters not members of the “supreme” Houthi clan) with the government. But they need them badly. They have a severe deficiency of fighters on the ground, says Saeed Abdullah on his Facebook page.

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