Misery of Hodeida displaced families in Aden

Misery of Hodeida displaced families in Aden

Alsahwa Net- Sulieman Yahya, a displaced person with sight disability, lives with his seven- family members in a tent that does not exceed more than three by three meters.

Misery and suffering are the obvious feature that the war brought to this family whose sole breadwinner happened to be a blind person.

You feel that colonies of grief have invaded this closed tent that Sulieman built from scraps.

Sulieman is one of several displaced people who left their homes in Hodeida, west Yemen and they live now in Al-Sha’ab city of Aden, south Yemen.

Sulieman had to flee the war seeking security after the fighting in Hodeida intensified in 2018.

“I was forced to leave Hodeida two years ago with my family due to the fighting,” Sulieman said in a conversation with Alsahwa Net.

Yet, he found himself in Aden suffering hardships of life, sickness and pounding heat in a tent that barely protects him and his family against the sun heat.

He affirmed in his conversation that he is unable to secure a living for himself and his family members because of his sight disability.

He has been living on some food aids that includes rice and wheat and other food stuff coming from charity people.

He added that his eldest daughter is suffering a sight disease and she might lose her sight completely. His other daughter is suffering cerebral palsy.

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