Press and Social Media Summary – Saturday 2020-09-26

Press and Social Media Summary – Saturday 2020-09-26


  1. Four civilians have been injured by Houthi heavy shelling on a school in Abaar district in the central Yemen city of Taiz. Source: Almoatamar Press and Yemen Talk website.
  2. The Yemeni currency continues to fall. Source: Multiple news websites
  3. Five government minister have arrived from outside Yemen to Sayoon city in east of Yemen. Source: Multiple news websites

  4. The Houthi militia killed and injured 918 civilians in rocket shelling on Marib from April 2015 – April 2020, the NGO “Yemen Rights and Development” unveiled in a report. Source: Bawabati news website.
  5. The Houthi militia renew shelling the neighborhoods of Hodeidah city. Source: The Arab Network for News website.
  6. The Combined Forces recorded 72 Houthi ceasefire violations in the past hours. Source: Aden Alghad website.
  7. More than 8 thousand IDPs were displaced from camps in Marib after the recent Houthi attack on the province, the IOM said. Source: Khabar news agency.
  8. Torches are lighted across the Republic. The generation of the 26th September (Revolution Day) won’t allow the return of the Imamite theocracy. Source: Ababeel website.
  9. The Yemeni government condemns the international silence for Houthi crimes against the civilians of Marib. Source: Multiple news websites.
  10. Massive number of people took to the streets of Taiz to celebrate the 26th September Revolution. The people called on the government to come back to Yemen and break the six year Houthi siege around the city.


Social Media

The Houthi ballistic missile on the main public school in downtown Marib on Friday could not trigger a UN condemnation. The UN is waiting for a Houthi allegation of civilian casualties on its side in order to issue a condemnation. No matter when that Houthi claim comes. Source: Abduh Nabil a facebook activist. .

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