Press Summary of Friday 25th September

Press Summary of Friday 25th September


  1. Yemeni mobile network provider Y-Telecom has left the Houthi militant-controlled Sana’a to the southern port of Aden a couple of days after the departure of GSM operator Sabafon. In Sana’a, telecom companies a constitute a huge source of finance for Houthis and are forced to allow tapping of the phones of oppositionist Yemenis, which has always facilitated the assassinations and rocket attacks on army members. Source: Multiple news websites.
  2. The Houthi militia displayed in Alsabeen square in Sana’a today a heap of cash (pictured) meant to finance its war against the government. The militia claimed the funds had been gathered from the ongoing funds raising campaign, in a cover-up of the truth: the money was apparently looted from the state institutions they control. Many people in Sana’a murmured anger at the display which disregards the sentiments of the starving people. Source: Yemen Voice news website.
  3. The liberated Yemeni territories are preparing for celebrating the 26thSeptember Revolution Day against the theocratic Imamite regime. Source: Multiple news websites.

  4. As many as 205 civilians were killed by Houthi militants in Hodeidah since the beginning of 2020, a report by the paramilitary Giants Forces revealed on Friday. Source: Almasdar news website.
  5. A Houthi self-styled court in Sana’a sentenced former Minister of Information Mrs. Nadiya Abdulaziz Alsaqqaf to death for “harming the independence of Yemen”. Nadiya is outside Yemen. Source: Multiple news websites.
  6. A young girl was shot injured by Houthi militants in Altohayta district of Hodeidah today Friday. Source: Aden Alghad website.
  7. The government says it has honored its part of the Riyadh Agreement, calling on the UAE-backed STC militia to keep up its end of the bargain. Source: Yemen Talk website.
  8. Rival Houthi factions are engaging in armed clashes in central Yemen’s Ibb province in a disagreement over dividing local revenues. Source: Multiple news websites including Nabdh Ashare’a.
  9. The International Organization for Migration says 80% of the new IDPs have not found a place in Marib due to crowdedness of the government-held city. Source: Yemen Monitor website.
  10. Significant gains were secured by the army against Houthi militants in Rahba district in the periphery of Marib. Source:

  11. The very steep mountain road, the only humanitarian conduit of Taiz, is threatening to collapse due to torrential downpours: Source: Multiple news websites.

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