Press and Social Media Summary

Press and Social Media Summary


  1. A woman who was injured in Houthi shelling in Taiz on Tuesday has succumbed to her wounds and passed away, local sources and relatives said. The woman (name not available) was pregnant in her ninth month and to remove the shrapnel from her body, the hospital first got the baby (pictured) delivered by a caesarian. But as doctors were removing shrapnel, she died, according to her nephew Nashwan Al-Hada. Out of sympathy, the hospital had granted the woman and her baby free medical insurance. Source of the story: Multiple news websites including Almoshahed

  2. The Houthi militia are threatening families in several parts of Yemen that they would be severely punished and regarded as supporters of the Arab Coalition and government’s “aggression” should they fail to force their children who deserted the militia’s warfronts to come back. Scores of child soldiers fled the Houthi warfronts in Marib and Aljawf in the past few days as government forces defending Marib repel massive Houthi fighters. Source: Multiple news websites including Al-Ra’ai Press.

  3. Yemen’s humanitarian crisis is the worst in the world due to the greed of the Houthi militia, says Yemen’s Foreign Minister. Source: Adennet new website.
  4. The army foiled fierce Houthi attacks in Marib’s peripheries last night. Source: Multiple news websites.
  5. The Houthi militia have deprived 52 thousand male and female students from schools in Aljawf after closing and militarizing the school buildings. Source:The Arab Network for News.
  6. The Yemeni Riyal has lost quarter of its value versus the US dollar since the beginning of 2020. Source: Multiple websites.
  7. Government troops in Shabwah besieged on Wednesday Balhaf Liquefied Natural Gas Plant which the UAE forces use as a military base and deny the government its use. The government forces wanted to prevent suspicious activities by UAE forces aimed at destabilizing the government-held province. The facility has been occupied by the UAE forces for years which denies Yemen badly needed revenues. Source: Multiple news websites

  8. Yemen is collapsing while the Houthi militia’s state is growing stronger, says activist and press secretary offormer president Saleh on his Facebook.

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