Gov’t official holds Houthis accountable to Yemen’s humanitarian crisis

Gov’t official holds Houthis accountable to Yemen’s humanitarian crisis

Alsahwa Net- Yemen’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Al-Hadhrami blamed the Yemen’s humanitarian crisis on the Houthis rebels for their insistence to cling to the power.

Al-Hadhrami voiced this during an event organized by Sweden and the European Union (EU) on Yemen’s humanitarian crisis in sidelines of the 75th Sessions of the UN General Assembly.

He said that obstacles imposed by the Houthis on the humanitarian efforts have intensified more than before during the past two years.

International organizations and the UN investigative experts have documented stealing relief aids by the Houthis who use it for financing their military efforts.

He indicated that hurdles imposed by the Houthis make it difficult for the government and its international partners to avert famine in Yemen despite bold efforts being excreted by the UN relief agencies.

He affirmed on the need to integrate development programs within the relief efforts.

He said that the transfer of humanitarian funds through the Central Bank of Yemen (CBY) can save the value of the Yemeni rial from more deterioration.

The effective humanitarian response can avert the hunger threat in Yemen, yet the inclusive political solution based on the agreed references is the sole way to end the Yemen’s humanitarian crisis, Al-Hadhrami said.

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