WFP: Yemeni Rial lost 25 percent of its value in 2020

WFP: Yemeni Rial lost 25 percent of its value in 2020

Alsahwa Net- The World Food Program (WFP) said on Wednesday that the Yemeni national currency lost 25 percent of its value in 2020 alone.

“As the country’s foreign currency reserves tick towards zero Yemen’s ability to import food could also disappear, threatening more hunger for millions,” the WFP statement said.

It indicated that the conflict escalated across over 40 frontlines and the cost of basic food has become higher than before.

It quoted the WFP Executive Director David Beasley as saying that “Yemen is a man-made crisis and there is a man-made solution. We need access, funding and eventually peace.”

 “In 2018, we pulled Yemen back from the brink. We can do that again, if we have the funds and the access,” said Beasley.

Every day, WFP food trucks are tied up in bureaucratic delays. Not one person has yet been registered biometrically for food assistance in areas under the Sana’a based authorities, according to the WFP statement.

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