Most prominent headlines of Yemen Press on Wednesday

Most prominent headlines of Yemen Press on Wednesday



  1. In the 13th week of September, the Saudi mine action program (MASAM) extracted 1464 Houthi-laid landmines in different parts of Yemen, MASAM said in a statement. Source of the story: Multiple news websites.
  2. Information Minister says the acknowledgement by the spokesman of the Iranian army that Iran has sent “ballistic missiles and drones manufacturing technology” to Houthis is frank confession and shows Iran is behind the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Source: of the story:Yemen’s state-run news agency SABA.

  3. The UN’s collusion with Houthis to help them withdraw Yemeni deposits from Swiss banks has been uncovered, reads a news headline by Yemen Direct news website.

  4. The only road - a winding mountain one - now connecting the besieged city of Taiz with other parts of Yemen has been destroyed by heavy rains. People staged a rally on Wednesday to demand the government to repair it. Source: Multiple news websites.

  5. A thousand crimes have taken place in Sana’a over the past eight months. Source: Almanarah news website.

  6. On the Catastrophe Day of September 21, did (slain frmr president) Saleh betray the Republican System or did he miscalculate things? reads a headline on Anbaa Aden news website.

  7. A military court has issued an arrest warrant against Houthi coup leaders. Source: Multiple news websites.

  8. A Houthi plot is put in place to further sectarianize Yemen. Source: Multiple news websites quoting the London-based Al-Arab website.

  9. * Note: the press summary collects the gist of the published news, assuming the reader knows about Yemen’s politics and actors in the Yemeni scene.


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