Yemen: Houthi-laid Landmines pose big dangers to Yemenis

Yemen: Houthi-laid Landmines pose big dangers to Yemenis


Othman M. Abdullah did not know his return home would cost him his daughter.

After the Houthi militia were evacuated this week from his home near Alsaleh neighborhood in Hodeidah city, he returned happy that the misery of displacement for five months is finally over.

But he did not the Houthis had left him landmines under the surface of the earth in his backyard. “As I lay my daughter in the ground, the landmine exploded dismembering one of daughter into pieces and injuring another daughter of mine with a shrapnel. My mother lost her hearing and I lost my leg and the other leg is critically injured.” Perhaps Othman’s family is the luckiest among other families. The miseries that Houthis breed exceed the bearing capacity of minds.

Translated story from “Post 24 news” website

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