Gov’t official: Its time the world pays attention to misery of Yemeni journalists

Gov’t official: Its time the world pays attention to misery of Yemeni journalists

Alsahwa Net- Undersecretary of Information for Press Affairs, Ahmed Rabee, said that its time the world pays attention to the suffering of Yemeni journalists that has been continuing since the Houthis toppled the government in September 2014.

“Journalists in Yemen were killed, detained, displaced or being pursued for doing their press profession,” Rabee said.

He indicated that the Yemeni journalists have been among the ones worst affected by the Houthis’ coup as four journalists face death sentences and nine others have been in custody for six years and face various forms of torture.

Hundreds of journalists were being unpaid after the Houthis occupied their offices and confiscated their assets.

“Anyone who committed or participated into murders, abductions or imprisonment of journalists will be prosecuted in accordance to the law,” he said.

In a thread of tweets, Rabee appealed to the United Nations (UN), international organizations concerned with the press freedom to condemn the Houthis’ crimes against media professionals particularly those who sentenced detained journalists to death.  

“Not a single media outlet exists in the Houthis-held area that operate without Houthis’ control. Media professionals have become either detainees, had to run away or were being forced to work for the Houthis’ affiliated media for safety,” he said.

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