Taiz: The crimes that rights organizations don’t see

Taiz: The crimes that rights organizations don’t see


While many international human rights organizations concerned with Yemen continue to portray civilian casualties of the Yemeni war from the Houthi point of view, the Shia theocratic terrorists find it conducive to carry on with habitual atrocities carefreely.    

Taiz, a central Yemen province, was invaded by the terrorists in early March 2015 and its civilian population have since been subjected to all sorts of collective punishment from strangling siege, through arbitrary arrests and torturing detainees to death, continual sniper shooting of children, and landmines, to heavy bombardment of neighborhoods.


From the middle of last month, three civilians including two young girls were gunned down by snipers. Three days ago, Taher Al-Sharaabi, a local civilian supporter of the government, succumbed to death after months of torture in Al-Saleh Jail in the Houthi-held part of Taiz. Yesterday, a woman was killed and 11 other civilians including four children were injured as the militia shelled the east of the besieged provincial capital with artillery fire.

Social media activists shared a graphic video of the hospitalized children soaked in their blood as they scream.


A pregnant in her ninth month reportedly sustained an injury in the attack and had to undergo a C-section to get the baby out first (pictured) and then get a shrapnel removed from her body. The story was shared by Yemen’s top cartoonist Rashad Al-Asamiee, based in Taiz, on his Facebook page.


 People of the city complain that the world “are kept in the dark about what happens to us at the hands of these extremists.”

Abdullah Saleh, a Taiz-based activist, says, “It is regrettable that rights organizations seems to not want to see what happens to Taiz every day. We are shelled, killed, arrested, and tortured every day.” “And when you read what human rights groups and international media write about Yemen, you see the exact point of view of the Houthis. The Arab Coalition’s errant airstrikes are portrayed as the cause of most civilian casualty toll!” he says.

“How can rare faulty airstrikes kill more civilians that Houthi daily ground offensives on five fronts,” he inquires. “How can the casualties from strikes surpass the toll of Houthi incurred casualties in Taiz alone? Every other day the militia shell a neighborhood, killing and injuring several people. This has been the case for years now and nobody cares.”  

Fatehi Salem, a pharmacist in the city, said, “These are the crimes that rights organizations don’t see – the crimes that take place in Taiz, at the hands of Houthis.”

“They see everything in this war, except the Houthi six-year siege around Taiz and daily Houthi crimes in the city.”

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