New young man tortured to death in Houthi-run jail in Taiz

New young man tortured to death in Houthi-run jail in Taiz


A new young man has died of torture in Houthi-run jails, this time in the southwestern Yemen city of Taiz, local sources said.

Abdullah al-Sharaabi (pictured) has been held for years in Al-Saleh Jail run by the Houthi militants where he was subjected to various forms of death until he died on Sunday 20th September, the sources have learnt. The Houthis, an extremist theocratic militia that took over large swaths of north Yemen in September 2014, systematically torture oppositionists in jails. Although the stories of prisoners dying of torturing inHouthi jails are frequent, there are probably no organizations keeping an updated record of this type of abuse. By September 2019, the Yemeni NGO “Coalition for Monitoring Human Rights Violations” had “recorded 455 cases of jail tortures” 295 of which led to deaths. Ever since dozens of fatal torture cases have emerged including three cases within the past month.

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