Yemen Press Summary

Yemen Press Summary

  1. The Association of Mothers of Hostages in Houthi jails said in a statement today the Houthi militia are exercising pressure on a family in Amran to receive the corpse of their son who died of torture in jails a few days ago. The militia is threatening to torture six other inmates from the same family to death if the family declines to receive the corpse. Source of the story: Sawt Al-Horiya news website.
  2. The spokesman of the Iranian armed forces has confirmed that his army “had transferred military technology for manufacturing ballistic missiles and drones” to the Houthi militia in Yemen. Source: Multiple news websites.
  3. Heavy gunfire exchange is heard in Aden city now. Source: Crater Sky website.
  4. The UN peace mediator is facilitating things for Houthis to withdraw the Yemeni deposits in Switzerland, identical sources said. Martin Griffthis arranged a meeting between the governor of the Swiss National Bank Thomas Jordan and the governor of the Houthi rebel militia’s self-styled “governor of the Central Bank of Yemen” Hashem Almoayad who accompanied his militia’s negotiation team that is in Geneva now to meet the Yemeni government’s negotiators. “Although Almoayad has nothing to do with the expected Houthi-government talks on prisoner exchange in Geneva, he is Switzerland to withdraw the Yemeni central bank’s funds deposited in Switzerland,” a source said. The source added that the Swiss officials agreed to meet with the Houthi militant because he has the confidential codes of those bank accounts in Switzerland.”

Source of the story: Al-Ayyam Al-Adaniya news website.





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