Heavy price to 21 September’s coup continues

Heavy price to 21 September’s coup continues

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis never feel ashamed on celebrating anniversary of their coup on 21 September or the “black day” according to the anti-Houthis’ narrative.

The Houthis consider this day as a retaliation to the 26 September 1962 revolution that toppled the monarchy imamates’ rule in north Yemen.

They consider that 21 September is the day of Sana’a fall into the hands of the Iranian regime that celebrated then the Houthis’ takeover of the city in 2014.

Iranian officials had even stated that the fourth Arab capital fell into their hands.

A public servant in the capital Sana’a who requested anonymity for security reasons said in a conversation with Alsahwa Net that the Houthis insist on celebrating this “black day” every year to humiliate the Yemenis as they are certain that Yemen fell into hands of Iran on this date.

“Yemenis are supposed to wear black badges on this day to protest against abduction of their country,” the servant said.

A merchant who also requested not be named said that “I have no idea why these murderers celebrate this day. Do they celebrate death of thousands and injures? Do they celebrate electricity cuts and fuel shortage? Do they celebrate abduction of women and children military recruitment? Do they celebrate the social division and hostility among members of the same family?  

Another merchant said that the 21 September coup came basically following an increase of YR500 (then $2.5) on the 20-liter gas. Yet, then the monthly payment and incentives to the public servants were being paid and the people were living in peace.

“Today, the Yemeni people suffer the world worst humanitarian crisis. No monthly salaries, no education and fear is dominant,” the merchant said.

“The fuel and the gas are being sold only in the black market at exorbitant price,” he said.

For his part, a public teacher who asked not to be named, said that the Houthis have begun indoctrination of the society by targeting the education.

Upon their takeover of Sana’a in 2014, they immediately appointed Yahay Al-Houthi as minister of education to indoctrinate the children and promote their sectarian ideology.

The Houthis education official has also modified the school textbooks and added new texts that glorify the ideology of his group.

The Houthis have also replaced official registered public teachers with their affiliated indoctrinated dogmatists to brainwash the school children, the teacher said.


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