Yemen: Catastrophe Day trends on social media on Houthi takeover anniversary

Yemen: Catastrophe Day trends on social media on Houthi takeover anniversary


The hashtag #21st September the Day of Nakbah (Catastrophe) has been trending on social media in Yemen on the sixth anniversary of the Houthi military takeover of the capital Sana’a and major cities.


With their religious doctrine drawn from Shia Zaydi Islam, Houthis are a savagely violent theocratic group that believes reign is a divine right to the offspring of prophet Mohammed to which Houthi leaders claim to belong.

Commenting on what the extremist militia call “a revolution”, huge masses of social media users say, “The Catastrophe Day brought Yemen hundreds of years backwards” and “it turned Yemen into a large cemetery and large prison.” 

“Since the Day of Nakbah, with foreign conspiracies aiding the Houthis, the militants triggered Yemen’s longest war and the world’s worst humanitarian crisis; caused the country to divide into micro states and along sectarian and partisan fault lines; and makethe country so vulnerable and attractive to more foreign malign actors to mess around and occupy parts of the country” Abdullah Ziyad said on his Facebook. “Yemen was lost in this day in 2014,” tweeted another activist, Ahmed Farhan.

On the Nakbah Day, the Republic’s flag fell down in Sana’a and the Imamite theocracy returned in its full weight,” write female activist Nadia Abdullah on her facebookpage. “As a Yemeni people, we are faced with only two choices: To restore the republic or live under humiliation under the new dynastical theocrats of Imamites. And everybody knows how the Imamite rule is,” she said in another post.

The anniversary comes as the country is seeing a strangling economic crisis as a result of the collapse of the national currency and the Houthi unrelenting war to encroach upon the remaining government-held territories.





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