Houthis revive black market of fuel

Houthis revive black market of fuel

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis have changed the life into hell for citizens since they implemented their bloody coup on 21 September 2014.

Streets of the capital Sana’a have been changed into open black market for fuel, cooking propane gas and foreign currencies.

Anyone wants to buy some fuel must go streets and alleys of the capital Sana’a instead of going to gas stations.

The Houthis use the planned fuel shortage to change the fuel black market into a lucrative business for their affiliated merchants and to finance their military efforts for their fighting against the government’s forces.

In 2014, the Houthis incited the public to topple the government because of the fuel subsidy partial removal that then increased the price of 20-liter of gas from YR3,500 to YR4,000.

Ironically, the price of the 20-liter gas is now YR 10,000 and sometimes it increases to YR,16,000.

And this leap of the fuel price has dramatically increased prices of basic commodities including wheat, rice, legumes, dairy products, transportation fares and the public health service.

The public service had literally disappeared, and citizens must pay for everything they use at exorbitant rates.

The Houthis-held areas have changed over the past years into a jungle where survival is only for the most powerful.

Citizens must struggle to buy a propane gas through long-complicated procedures. The citizen must first register with his/her ID card at the community leader, then when the gas comes, the community leader notifies citizens to come and line up for paying to him the price. One week later, the supplier calls the citizen to come and collect the gas cylinder provided he or she presents a signed and stamp receipt from the community leader.

These long procedures exist despite that the gas is domestically available from Marib, 170 KMs, east Sana’a. The Houthis sell one gas cylinder at YR10,000 despite the fact the actual price is less than YR2,000.

The Houthis often shut down gas stations against vehicle users to benefit the black-market traders.

The Houthis-held areas have been in acute fuel shortage amid open black market to the commodity at higher price.

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