Int’ aid organizations expose themselves: Translated story from Yemen Shabab TV

Int’ aid organizations expose themselves: Translated story from Yemen Shabab TV


For more than 5 years Yemenis have been appealing and complaining of deprivation of humanitarian aid which they say goes to the warlords and fighters of the Houthi militia.     Much of the aid materials have often been sold to raise funds for the Houthi war effort before the eyes of the UN agencies in Yemen.

The UN looked at the abuses silently, raising suspicions about itself. According to Yemeni governmental and foreign reports, the is because the managers of these UN agencies are themselves involved in depriving the Yemeni people and giving the Houthis.

As the donor countries decided to start (from this year) to reduce finances for aid in response to Houthi abuses, a number of UN and other international organizations have also decided to put an end to their five year long silence and leak documents that expose the Houthi aid abuses. The latest to do this was Human RightsWatch. The HRW has unveiled that Houthis have a horrible record in looting and obstructing aid delivery and depriving millions of needy people.

Months before HRW, the WFP had said the Houthis are stealing food from the mouths of the hungry and diverting aid to the benefit of the militia’s fighters.

What does one make of the fact that humanitarian aid kept going to the Houthis for five years and the UN stayed silent and did not take any action? It is a sign of a UN’s consent to finance the Houthi warfronts.

The fact that some organizations have started to speak up – after five years of silence – does not absolve them of blame. Speaking up after the majority of the aid – five years’ worth of aid – has gone to the Houthis is instead an act of exposing one’s self and one’s complicity.  



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