What did the Yemeni Press Say Today:

What did the Yemeni Press Say Today:


  1. Protests against the STC militia renewed in Socotra archipelago today Saturday. The militia responded with a heavy-handed crackdowns, live bullets and planks injuring scores of protesters and detaining others. Source of the story: Multiple media outlets.
  2. The Yemeni Riyal currency continues collapse. Source: Multiple news websites.
  3. The Yemeni government’s delegation dispatched to Switzerland to negotiate with Houthis was surprised that the rebel militia’s self-styled “governor of the Central Bank” Hashem Ahmed was present despite the fact the negotiations are on prisoner exchange only, not anything economic. Political analysts like Hamdan Alaya’a said the Houthi militia suffer a financial crisis and “want to seek to force economic/financial topics into the negotiations.” Alaya’a said, “This also confirms what Yemenis always reiterate: ‘The Houthi militia use the UN and other international organizations to implement their political, economic and organizational activities outside Yemen, and to break the international isolation’ on them as a coupist militia.” Alaya also said, “This makes us inquire again whether the UN is committed to transparency in its activities, both the humanitarian and political ones.” Source: Multiple news websites including Mareb press news website.

  4. Houthi escalated offensive on Marib since early August has forced 5000 internally displaced families to displace again, and find safer locations within the same province of Marib. Source: Multiple news websites.

  5. The Houthi relentless offensive on Marib has drawn wide condemnations. Source: Multiple websites.

  6. The Interior Ministry condemns the Houthi offensive on Marib. Source: Multiple websites.

  7. Yemeni businessman Mohammed Almasnoor was assassinated in Shabwa, a province where the STC militia contests the government’s control and has mounted several lone-wolf attacks.Source: Multiple news websites

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