Young man dies after five months of torture in Houthi jails: Reports

Young man dies after five months of torture in Houthi jails: Reports

A young man has reportedly died after five months of torture in a Houthi jail in northern Yemen’s Amran province, several media platforms reported today.

“Sadeq Ahmed Yahya Alghawi who was disappeared along with a brother and six cousins of his by the Houthi militia five months ago died in jail on Wednesday,” informed sources told Almshehad Alyemeni and other news outlets. Alghawi is  the latest of hundreds of Yemenis who have been tortured to death for their civilian opposition to the Shia extremist militia’s theocratic reign that started with the overthrow of Yemen’s first legitimate government in September 2014.

 “Alghawi was subjected to severe torture methods” until he died, the sources said. “Nothing is known about the fate of his brother and cousins” still held incommunicado by the Houthis, they said.

The story comes days after a Houthi-linked cell tortured a 21 year old man in a Sana’a shop to death. A video clip of the horrifying crime went viral and prompted a rare demonstration in Sana’a. Expressing outrage, the protesters stopped short of condemning the dreaded regime. 


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