Press and Social Media Summary

Press and Social Media Summary



  1. A UN plane has brought back the body of a senior Houthi militant from Jordan where he died while receiving treatment in a hospital there. Ali Al-Mansouri, the militia’s self-styled governor for Beidha province, died a month ago from wounds sustained in the ongoing battles against the government. Source of the story: Anbaa Aden news website.
  2. The Press Secretary of the Yemeni Council of Ministers deplored the Southern Transitional Council militia governing Aden for failing to protect a family that was slain by a militant in their own house in the city on Wednesday.Ridiculing the ambitions of the STC separatists to build an independent southern Yemen state, he inquired, in a tweet, “How those who failed to protect a family can build a state?”
  3. A Taizi 23 year old girl was shot injured by a Houthi sniper in Taiz city on Thursday morning. Source: Crater Sky news website.
  4. US concerns from Houthi made-up fuel crisis in Sana’a. Source: Multiple news websites.
  5. Mounting Houthi worries that the viral murder of Al-Aghbari will trigger a populist uprising against the militia in Sana’a. Source: Sana’a online news website.
  6. The Yemeni currency, Riyal, continues to collapse. Source: Multiple news websites.
  7. Sadeq Abu Shawareb, a senior Houthi militant demanded in a tweet his Houthi group to unveil the whereabouts of six people - from the same family – the group had kidnapped half a year ago in Amran. Source: Multiple news websites.


Social Media:

  1. A viral hashtag now goes “ President Hadi’s silence led to Yemen’s losing of Socotra”.

 Facebook post by Abdullah Maresh: “Many western media outlets continue to report on Yemen without addressing the Houthi coup as the initial cause of the conflict and humanitarian crisis. And worse than that is reflecting Houthi-sided points of view. A recent report by the CNN which goes under the title 'The hardest part is when we lose a child' is a typical example. The report, mostly prepared in Houthi-held north and under the influence of Houthis, portrays death in Yemen as mostly the result of Arab Coalition airstrikes in disregard of the fact that ground fighting which is caused by Houthi offensive attacks against the defensive weak army consumes and causes most casualties. The report quoted a doctor in a [Houthi-controlled] north Yemen hospital, Al-Ashawal, as saying: "Those who aren't killed by the airstrikes or this war? They will die from shortages in medical supplies.”!

Another whopper the report presented to bolster the Houthi narrative is: “A Saudi-led coalition, in which the UAE is a key partner, has waged a campaign against the Houthis for the past five years, destroying much of the Houthi-controlled areas with the US' backing.” What a big lie! Sana’a, Amran, Ibb and other Houthi-held cities are the only safe places left intact by the devastating war. The Arab warplanes hit only military sites in barracks and unpopulated mountains. Buildings and infrastructure in the pro-government Taiz city in the west are largely damaged, but the report doesn’t say that. Pro-government Marib in the east is the one Yemeni city you most don’t want to live in. The city struggles all year long to repel Houthi unrelenting advance attempts and struggles as well to sleep quietly under continual Houthi missiles fired into the heart of the small city overpopulated by three million IDPs – who have escaped the Shia extremist Houthis.”

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