Press Summary

Press Summary


  1. Yemen’s ambassador to the UNESCO said the UN peace mediator Griffiths in his latest briefing to the UN Security Council “sought to avoid his duty of condemning the Houthi relentless offensive” on the government-held city of Marib. Mohammed Jumayh remarked on Griffiths’ words that “The (Yemeni) parties can choose either to continue this trajectory of escalating violence, or to make the compromises necessary to revive the political process.” Jumayh said, “By this, Griffiths sought to avoid his duty of condemning the Houthi relentless offensive on Marib. Because he could not demand the defendants in Marib to stop.” Source: Multiple media outlets quoting Jumayh’s tweet.
  2. A two-year-old boy was shot injured by a Houthi sniper in the periphery of Marib. Source of the story: Alharf28 news website.
  3. Three children have been shot injured by a Houthi sniper in Taiz. Source: Multiple news websites.
  4. Internet and telecommunication went out of service in Taiz prompting the population of the government-held city to slam the Minister of Telecommunications who has not done anything in the past six years to restore the telecommunication from the theocratic rebel militia. Source: Almashehad Alyemeni website.
  5. A member of the Islah party was assassinated in the southern province of Dhale’a, in continuation of the spree of assassinations against Islah members. Source: Multiple websites.
  6. A gunman has killed a whole family in Aden in their house today and fled the scene. Source: Multiple news websites.
  7. A huge explosion was heard today near Aden Airport. Source: Multiple news websites.
  8. The Yemeni currency, Riyal, continues to dramatically fall. Source: Multiple news websites.
  9. The Combined Forces in Mokha at the western coast have seized a Houthi cell transporting smuggled Iranian weapons to the militia in Hodeidah. Source: Multiple news websites.

  10. Dozens of Houthi have been killed over the past 24 hours in failed Houthi attempts to march on the government-held province of Marib. The army is set to retake the city of Al-Hazm after gaining territories near the desert city. Source: Multiple news websites.

  11. STC militants are preparing to force the people of Socotra archipelago to Hadhramout in mainland Yemen. Source: Multiple news websites.

  12. STC militants are still cracking down on activists who participate in last week’s pro-government protests in Socotra archipelago. Source: Multiple news websites.


  14. Marib police have arrested a cell of female Houthi militants preparing to smuggle arms to the Houthi theocratic militia in Sana’a. Source: Maribpress website.

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