Houthis intensify recruitment of black Yemenis to warfronts: Translated story

Houthis intensify recruitment of black Yemenis to warfronts: Translated story




Marib Press, a Yemeni news website, reported that the Houthis “have intensified their campaign of recruiting the black, marginalized Yemenis of African origin” to the rebel militia’s warfronts against the government.

The website learnt from “local sources in Ibb province” in central Yemen that the senior operatives in the militia, including the militia’s self-styled governor for the province Abdulwahed Salah, “have enlisted 110 dark-skinned people, most of them minors to join the ranks.”

“Upon finishing the conscription, the militia held a farewell party for the recruits and started to deploy them to the warfronts of Dhale’a, Marib, Beidha, and Aljawf,” in southern, eastern, central and northern Yemen respectively, the source said.

Houthis whose perverted form of Zaydi Islam deems the Houthi theocratic dynasty as the “most supreme” used flattery to draft the black and also least educated and impoverished Yemenis to the war giving them the honorary title “Grandsons of Bilal” as a flattery.


 In Islam's history, Bilal was an Abyssinian black companion of Islam’s prophet Mohammed. Yemeni activists championing the black Yemenis’ cause have repeated expressed shock at the blatancy of Houthis as they exploit the black to die for them and give them a flattery title in return, hoping that would cover up on the racism.



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