Islah consolidates civic life and humanitarian work in Yemen

Islah consolidates civic life and humanitarian work in Yemen

Alsahwa Net-The establishment of the Islah Party has contributed to the growth of civil and rights movements for the past three decades.

In this respect, the Islah is commended for not politicizing the humanitarian issues.

It even did not use the human rights violations inflicted on its leaders and members as a bargaining chip as the mixing of rights and politics damages the justice.

Members of the Islah party deal with human rights violations as human rights monitors and not as political activists.

The Islah party primarily capitalizes on the capacity building of Yemeni citizens and maintenance of their freedoms.

It seeks to create an appropriate climate to unleash the individuals’ potentials and creativity, guard them with with justice, and provide legal and material protection to ensure the preservation of dignity, the protection of freedom, rights, and equal opportunities.

Human rights and freedoms issues constitute large proportion of the Islah’s programs.

The party affirmed during its first general conference in1994 on the respect of human rights and private and public freedoms.

The party then affirmed respect to citizens’ rights to decent and fair life and that the freedom of expression represents the pillars of the democratic approach.

Since then, the Islah members and leaders have been the human rights frontline defenders and consequently promote the human rights culture among the Yemeni communities.

Within its activities, the Islah party always promotes the respect to citizens’ basic rights within the equal citizenship principle which forms the key goal of the party’s establishment. 

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