Women highlight Islah’s support to women, republican system and unity

Women highlight Islah’s support to women, republican system and unity

Alsahwa Net-The Islah Party is one the influential political parties in Yemen that had remarkable impact on the installation of the Yemen’s Republican system and the establishment of the country’s unity.

Throughout Yemen’s modern history, the Islah recorded its presence in resolving all impairments that accompanied the establishment of the Yemeni statehood.

The party exercises its roles using the dialogue and reforming principles and the support of women’s rights to lead the society in line to rules of the Islam.

“The Islah believed in peace and dialogue from the first day of its establishment. The party believes that only peace and dialogue can build the nation. It never adopted the use of violence and it stands a barrier to plots of violence,” a female member of the Islah, Najla said.

She said that the Islah sided with the government forces and the Saudi-led coalition against the Houthis rebels who plot to topple the republican system and seize the Arabian Peninsula by support from Iran.

She added that this position represents a clear evidence on siding with the people and distance from extremism and violence.   

For her part, Najwa Omar, a female teacher said that the establishment of the Islah came the right time to correct wrong concepts about the Islam and end the oppression against women that fell victim between excessive permissive parties and extremist groups.

The Islah believed in women’s rights to work, education and political participation along side the men in line to the rules of the Islam, she said.

The party proved that women’s work does not mean vulgarity as some extremist groups claim.

The Yemeni female writer, Suha Al-Asbahi said in a conversation with Alsahwa Net that the Islah believes in the peaceful political action in line to the Yemeni constitution and the national laws.

She said that the party does not replace Yemen’s flag with its own flag and does not use the violence to reach the office.

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