Chinese Ambassador congratulates Islah on establishment anniversary

Chinese Ambassador congratulates Islah on establishment anniversary

Alsahwa Net- The Ambassador of China to Yemen, Kang Yong, congratulated the Islah Party on the 30th anniversary of its establishment which coincides on Sunday 13 September 2020.

In his letter to the party, Yong appreciated the party for its’ prominent roles in various areas of Yemen’s issues.

“Your party has progressed significantly, and it became an influential party in Yemen that exercises key roles in various aspects,” Yong said in his letter.

He highlighted the deep relations between the Islah Party and the Chinese Communist Party.

He appreciated the Islah’s support to the Chinese people during the coronavirus pandemic and other Chinese issues.

He expressed his confidence that efforts exercised by the Islah and other Yemeni parties will contribute at ending the fighting in Yemen and achieving peace and development for the people of Yemen.

He said that China is ready to cooperate with the Islah and other parties to assist the Yemeni people to enjoy peace and safety.

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