On its 30th anniversary, Islah stands for unity and state of rule

On its 30th anniversary, Islah stands for unity and state of rule

Alsahwa Net-The Islah party has been siding with the government against the Houthis rebellion since the Houthis’ late leader declared his insurgence against the state in 2004.

The Houthis military expansion in rural and urban centers including their takeover of the capital Sana’a in 2014 -has been marked by bold resistance by the Islah to the rebellion and constant support to the government against the rebels.

Yet, the Houthis have been retaliating from the Islah’s leaders and assets along their way of military expansion across Yemen.

The Houthis intimidation included murder of Islah’s leaders and members, blowing up of their residences and confiscation of their funds.

“The Houthis have been targeting members and leaders of the Islah despite its peaceful approach and its unchanging positions to the national constants,” said Elham Al-Sana’, a female activist and member of the Islah in Al-Baida.

For her part, Safa Mukram, a female activist says that Islah members excel at commitment to principles of their party regardless of pressures, threats and inducements.”

The Islah remains committed to the core principles including Yemen’s unity, the republican system and peace means to reach the power and maintenance of the super interests.

Sultan Al-Sulaihi, a poet says that the Islah’s existence is essential to thwart the Houthis’ plot which threatens the country and its citizens.

The Islah party was founded on 13 September 1990. The party has been dedicated to the defend the country’s interests at multilayered battles.  

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