Protesters condemn abductions in Socotra

Protesters condemn abductions in Socotra

Alsahwa Net- Several men held a sit-in in Socotra demanding an end the separatists’ coup and the return of the legitimate authority to the Island.

The protesters expressed their side with the legitimate government and their rejection of the militants’ coup.

They raised placards of the national flag, photos of President Abd Rabo Hadi and their refusal of the coup in the island.

They affirmed the need to take care of the environmental privacy of Socotra as it is one of the world heritage sites and any insecurity threatens its environmental resources and its biodiversity.

They condemned all forms of insecurity and practices that harm citizens’ freedoms including violations to their rights to freedom of expression using arbitrary arrests, imprisonment and fabricating of charges.

They demanded an end to the coup and its repercussions to restore the state and the public service.

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