Houthis-affiliated officer- led gang tortures citizen to death

Houthis-affiliated officer- led gang tortures citizen to death

Alsahwa Net- A gang led by a Houthis-led security officer killed one citizen in Sana’a following six-hour torture.

The leaked video on the incident sparked popular rage across Yemen and among users of the social media.

The crime took place at Al-Subaee Phone store in Sana’a and the victim is one of the staff of the store.

The assailants accused their 24-year employee, Abdullah Al-Aghbari from Taiz, of stealing one smartphone.

Activists say that the accusation remains baseless.

The gruesome video on the incident shows five men taking turns on torturing Al-Aghbari, cutting his veins and leaving him bleeding to death.

The men later took the victim to the hospital and claimed that he committed a suicide.

However, stammering by the gang members during their response to the Criminal Investigation on-duty officer at the hospital, has disclosed their involvement in the victim’s death which eventually led to the crime’s scene and the video recording in the memory of the security camera.

The Houthis group attempted to pressurize the victim’s relatives to waive in exchange of money.

However, the leaking of the video on the social media has distracted the Houthis officials who reported on Wednesday arrest of the gang members.

The Houthis’ declaration on the arrest of the suspects came 15 days later of the incident’s date.

The Houthis often hide crimes committed by their affiliated security militants in areas of their control.

This comes amid spread of insecurity and growth of gangs run by security leaders affiliated to the Houthis.

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