Summary of what is in the Yemeni media today?

Summary of what is in the Yemeni media today?



  1. - The Yemeni Parliament has addressed a letter to the Prime Minister to inquire why the country’s biggest industrial project, a liquefied natural gas plant, in the eastern province of Shabwah is closed for years and not operated to help generate desperately needed revenues for Yemen? In this respect, the governor of Shabwa has called on the UAE forces occupying the facility to evacuate and allow Yemen to use the resource.

  2. There is no real fuel shortage in Houthi rebel-held areas. The militia are fabricating the crisis to exploit it politically and collect support to run their black market and increase their financial assets. Yemen’s Deputy Transport Minister Naser Sharif said. Source: Multiple media outlets.

  2. The Authority for Victims of House Bombings, a Yemeni NGO, has revealed that the Houthi militia blew up 810 houses belonging to oppositionists to the theocratic militia in 17 different Yemeni provinces from the 1st September 2014 -30th July 2020. Taiz city bore the brunt. An integral part of the rebel militia’s modus operandi is to lace houses with bombs and detonate them remotely as part of their vendetta against oppositionists. Source: Multiple news websites.

  3. Houthi attack on Marib forces hundreds of families including IDPs to re-displace. Source: Multiple news websites.
  1. A Yemeni man by the name Ismaeel Quraya’ah has shot dead seven Houthi gunmen in the rebel militia’s stronghold of Saadah taking revenge for his younger brother whom the rebel militiamen had lured into the warfronts against the government where he was killed. Houthis constantly recruit large numbers of children to the warfronts where they participate in the conflict and get killed without the consent or knowledge of their relatives. Source: Multiple news website.

  2. The Yemeni government says it won’t work with the UN mission for Hodeidah until the mission’s head is replaced. Source: Multiple news websites.



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