Report: Houthis blew up 810 houses across 17 provinces

Report: Houthis blew up 810 houses across 17 provinces

Alsahwa Net-A new human rights report by the Civil Organization of Victims to Damaged Houses, said on Sunday that the Houthis have blown up 810 houses in 17 provinces since they rebelled against the government in late 2014.

Executive Officer of the organization, Khadija Ali, said that the Iran-backed Houthis militia continue implementation of their criminal approach by detonating houses.

The latest incident of chains of blowing up houses was the Friday’s explosion of three houses in Al-Zoob village of Al-Qariysha district of Al-Baid province, central Yemen and other several houses in Wadi Al-Dhaiq, west of Marib Province.

Taiz came on top list of provinces that witnessed blowing up of houses whereby 149 houses were reported have been blown up by the Houthis militants, according to the report.

The Houthis were also blamed for blowing up 124 houses in Al-Baida province, the report said.

It indicated that the blowing up of houses represent crimes against humanity and violates all divine, national and international laws and conventions.

The organization demanded the legitimate government to provide shelter to households whose homes were blown up by the Houthis militants.

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