Rally in Socotra demands return of government

Rally in Socotra demands return of government

Alsahwa Net-The people of Qalenseya and Abdulkori of Socotra Island held a rally on Monday’s morning demanding the return of the government and reject the coup by the separation militants known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC).

Participants of the rally condemned halt to public services following the STC’s coup.

They demanded prompt implementation of Al-Riyadh agreement and return of the legitimate government represented by the governor, Ramzy Mahroos.

They affirmed their unchanged supportive position to the legitimate government of Yemen and the proposed federal system led by the President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi.

They also renewed their support to the national partnership in line to the three references to resolve all national issues in a fair way.

Participants of the rally raised the national flag, photos of the President Hadi and placards that demand the return of the legitimate government and condemn normalization of ties with Israel. 

The STC militants attempted to disperse the rally using live ammunitions, yet the participants continued the rally to show their rejection to the STC’s seizure of Socotra,

The STC militants took control of Socotra last June following clashes with the government forces in the island.

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