New sit-in in Socotra supports government and reject STC’s takeover

New sit-in in Socotra supports government and reject STC’s takeover

Alsahwa Net-Scores of people from Qibhatn area, west of Socotra held on Saturday a sit-in rejecting the takeover of Socotra by the southern separation rebels known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC). 

Participants of the sit-in affirmed their support to the legitimate government led by President Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi and demanded prompt implementation of Al-Riyadh agreement and return of the legitimate governor of Socotra, Ramzy Mahroos.

They demanded immediate restore of the situation to normal in Socotra. They said that living standards deteriorated in the island following the STC’s takeover whereby businesses have been weakened and military presence intensified.

They expressed rejection to attempts of creating Israeli military bases in Socotra or their affiliates in the region.

They emphasize that normalization of ties with Israel remains a treason to the Arab and Muslim issues.

They raised the Yemen's national flag,  photos of President Hadi and placards that express rejection to the STC's takeover of Socotra.

The STC militants took control of Socotra last June following armed clashes with government’s forces in the island.

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