Human rights organization documents 61 deaths among journalists in Yemen

Human rights organization documents 61 deaths among journalists in Yemen

Alsahwa Net- A human rights report said on Saturday that parties to the conflict in Yemen committed over 1,586 abuses against human rights defenders and journalists during the past six years.

Sam Organization for Rights and Liberties which prepared the report said that it has documented violations against human rights defenders and the media professionals in collaboration with the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS).

It said that the report based its findings on data collected from the YJS, testimonies gathered by its reporters from the victims or their relatives and the targeted media outlets.

The organization said that despite the huge variation between the number of reported violations in 2015 and those reported in 2019, the violations volume continues to be significant.

Reported violations included death, physical assaults, torture to death, enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrests and trials of prisoners of conscience as well as damage of the media institutions and tampering with their contents.

“2015 was the worst year in terms of abuses committed against the media as the organization documented 319 violations including ten deaths,” the organization said.

It reported 300 violations in 2017 including three death cases. 205 violations were recorded in 2016 among them ten death cases, according to the report.

 The organization reported 135 violations in 2018 and almost similar number in 2019.

The Houthis have been blamed for most violations against the media and human rights activists with about 60 percent of the total reported violations. 25 percent of the total reported violations were blamed on the Saudi-led coalition.

The southern separation militants known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC) was blamed to ten percent of the total documented violations. Other parties including Al-Qaeda were blamed to rest of the reported abuses, according to the report.

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