Press Summary

Press Summary





  1. Sam Organization for Rights and Freedoms said in a statement any failure by the UN special envoy Martin Griffiths to stop the Houthi attack on Marib is a green light for the Iran-backed militia to go ahead. Source of the story: Nabdh Al-Share’a news website.
  2. A first-of-kind popular uprising against Houthis in Damt city of the north-south border province of Dhaleha is still continuing in the form of civil disobedience despite the illegitimate governing authority’s heavy-handed response. Shops and business stores in Damt have closed to protest at the Houthi ban against the use of government-printed banknotes of the Riyal. The militia have been trying to suppress the disobedience and protests with violence and shot injured nine protesters yesterday, but to no avail. Source: Multiple media platforms including Belqees TV channel.
  3. Four ministers in the Houthi militia’s self-styled government have been missing for two years with no relative or Houthi official willing to tell where they are. Save the “Minister of State” and veteran arms dealer Fares Mannaa who is reportedly in Africa to smuggle arms to the militia, the rest are not known about: whether they were killed by airstrikes, disappeared by the Houthi militia itself or if they had fled the country. Source: Almostakbalonline website.

  4. The Southern Transitional Council killed and injured several government soldiers in Abyan today, in an indication that the rebel militia has obtained unmanned drones. Source: Multiple news websites.

  5. Clashes are continuing between the government forces and the Houthi militiamen fighting to march on Marib. Source: Multiple websites.

  6. Commenting on Thursday’s demonstrations by southern separatists in the government-held Shabwah, popular Yemeni social media activist Fatehi Al-Azraq wrote on his facebook page:My best salutations to these crowds that took out to the streets and expressed their minds. We have to acknowledge that in south Yemen there are conflicting aspirations. But let a referendum decide what each set of people want. We are waiting for the people in [separatists-held] Aden to be allowed to express their minds freely as well, I mean their [well-known] support to united Yemen.” Fatehi al-Azraq is originally from Aden but is in exile for months now due to “threats” he received from separatists.

  7. Houthis blew up the houses of two oppositionists in Radaa in the central Yemen province of Beidha. Source: Yemen Monitor website. The website published the attached picture for one of the houses at the moment of detonation.



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