Around-the-clock Houthi attempts on Marib, despite P5 ceasefire calls

Around-the-clock Houthi attempts on Marib, despite P5 ceasefire calls


By Sarah Hassan

Houthi militants have been pressing ahead for more than a month with an around-the-clock attempt to march on the Yemeni government’s stronghold of Marib despite a call last week by the ambassadors of the P5 countries on the militia to cease the attack.  

The push southeast by the Shia theocratic guerilla who control north of Yemen aims to deal a final blow to the government and take control of the remaining state revenues, oil fields in Marib.

 The guerilla apparently adopts what one would call “Endless Attack Attempts, Countless Fighters” strategy to press forward on the government’s territories.  Its attempts on Marib alone have recurred several dozens of times since 2015 involving thousands of fighters each attempt.

Government and independent sources estimate the Houthi sacrifices in Marib as more than “700” militants killed by the city’s military and tribal defenders over the past two weeks and more than that number injured and arrested. The ongoing offensive, along province’s borderline with Houthi held Sana’a and Beidha parts has been raging day and night for two weeks, as Houthis keep replenishing their fighters constantly.  

Yemen activists and government officials including the Prime Minister  - in the latest meeting with the P5 ambassadors – roasted the UN for having its ways to getting ceasefire enforced effectively and instantly once the army is edging close to retaking a Houthi controlled city –Hodeidah for example -, but not when Houthis are fighting to take a city from the government, as is the case with Marib now.    

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