Press Summary

Press Summary


  1. What is going to happen to the Yemeni people as a result of the dramatic fall of its currency, Riyal, is severe and frightening. Source of the story: Crater Sky website

  2. Houthi rebel militiamen laced bombs around the houses of oppositionist tribesmen in Serwah, Marib, and blew them up. Source: Yemen Sky website

  3. Houthis suffered big manpower losses in Aljawf as a result of Arab Coalition airstrikes. Source: Newsline website.

  4. Aden Court considers Yemen coup leaders fugitives from justice. Source: the state-run news agency “Saba”.

  5. The stocks of ammonium nitrate that caused the recent explosion in Beirut Port do not belong to Hezbollah, Houthi affiliated news websites reported quoting a tweet by the chief of the rebel militia’s Supreme Revolutionary Committee Mohammed Al-Houthi.

  6. The Southern Transitional Council militia launched Thursday a campaign to round up northern Yemenis in Aden and send them back to the north by force. Source: Multiple news websites.

  7. Armed clashes took place today in Socotra between civilians from the archipelago and the UAE-backed STC militia which overthrew the local government and took control of the archipelago by force. Source: Several websites.

  8. Nine people were injured in Damt district of Dhale’a province as Houthi militiamen shot live fire on peaceful rallies protesting at the militia. Source: Several websites.

  9. President Hadi is in his way from the USA to Riyadh. Source: Several websites

  10. Fighting is raging again between the army and the STC militia in Abyan as the latter has received new armored vehicles from the UAE. The clashes have caused the closure of the main road between Abyan and Aden city. Source: Several websites.

  11. Houthi militiamen in Aljawf have stormed shops and business stores in the eastern Yemen city of Al-Hazm, taking by force millions of Riyals from shop owners under the pretext that the banknotes in their possession is newly printed, thus “illegal.” Source: Several websites.
  12. The Houthi militia have continuously been bombarding the town of Al-Tohayta in the western Yemen province of Hodeidah, since early morning today. Source: Aden Al-Ghad news website.



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