Yemen army troops arrest one Qaeda organization member fighting alongside Houthis militia

Yemen army troops arrest one Qaeda organization member fighting alongside Houthis militia

 In the middle of August 2020, Yemen army troops managed to captivate one member of Al Qaeda terrorist organization fighting in the ranks of Houthis militia in battlefronts Eastern Alhazm, the key city of Aljawf province.


Mosa Nasser Ali Hassen Al-Malhani, 20 years old, from Musaik zone, Sana'a.

Al-Malhani said that he has been joining Houthis coup militia since 2017 and fighting alongside militia since then. He added that a leader figure in the Houthis coup militia so-called Hamzah Hamzah At-Taj is the one who arranged for him to join Houthis. Before he engaged in battles, he had attended a Jihadist course which everyone must take it before the militia drives him into battlefronts.


According to Al-Malhani confession, he joined Al Qaeda organization when he was a child due to the poverty and hard living conditions of his family. He had dropped out learning when he was in the 7th grade of basic education.


It's noteworthy that Al-Malhani confesses that he knows many of Al Qaeda leaders and members in Sana'a and other Houthis controlled areas. Some of them runs Houthis recruiting centers in Sana'a and its outskirts. Some of Al Qaeda and ISIL members fight alongside Houthis in battlefronts including Yousef As-sa'afani, one of Al Qaeda leaders, who came from Sa'afan district of Sana'a province, and many others. He affirms that As-sa'afani who so-called Az zeer was killed in AL Mukha battles when he was fighting in the ranks of Houthis militia.


Finally, the size of coordination and cooperation between Iranian-backed Houthis militia and terrorist organizations (Qaeda & ISIS) was obvious since Houthis militia has begun its expansionary war in Yemen, whether in carrying out terrorist operations or in planning and implementing suicide attacks to seize control over Yemeni cities and killing and displacing Yemeni citizens.

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