Houthi extremists kill new detainee by cutting parts of his body alive

Houthi extremists kill new detainee by cutting parts of his body alive


By Sarah Hassan

Houthi extremists have killed a new detainee in their run jails in Yemen’s north by cutting parts of his body and leaving him to bleed until death, multiple Yemeni news outlets reported quoting local sources.

Mohammed Abdullah Mohsen Salbah, a teacher, was kidnapped by the Shia theocratic militants in the city of Hajjah in north Yemen and was tortured for four days until he died on Monday, it was reported on Tuesday.  

“The militia subjected him to horrific torture: they cut parts of his body including the major blood vessels in his arms and left him to bleed to death,” the sources said.

The Yemeni Mothers of Hostages, a pressure group operating in the government-held territories, has accused Houthis of killing 200 pro-government hostages – the majority  civilian activists - since the beginning of the terrorist militia’s insurgency in September 2014.  

Although it issues condemnations over many alleged and exaggerated stories of civilian damages consecutively attributed by Houthis to the Arab Coalition’s airstrikes, the UN maintains an unexplained ignorance of the ISIL-style human rights abuses that the Houthis have been committing for six years.

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