What is in the Yemeni media today?

What is in the Yemeni media today?


  1. Houthi rebel militiamen in north Yemen’s Hajjah city have tortured a teacher to death by cutting parts of his body alive. Source of the story: multiple news websites.
  2. Houthis have executed two of their own militiamen in Al-Beidha province suspecting them of treason after suffering military losses in the recent fight against the army and oppositionist tribes.
  3. Two civilians were killed and a third was injured in the explosion of a Houthi-laid landmine in Al-Zaher district in Beidha province today, local sources Al-Mashhad Alyemeni news website.

  4. Shops and business stores shut down in Yemen’s city of Taiz, declaring strike after the national currency depreciated to an all-time low. Source: Multiple media platforms.
  5. Yemen’s currency is continuing a dramatic depreciation to disastrous levels. YR 800 versus one USD. Source: Multiple media platforms.

  6. The governor of the government-held Shabwa has discussed with Petromasila oil company measures to operate an oil sector known as S1 sector in the eastern province. Source: Multiple media platforms.

  7. The Yemeni government through its foreign minister has renewed its callon the UN to relocate its mission headquarters in Hodeidah from the Houthi-held territory to a neutral territory. Source: Multiple news webesites

  8. Fierce fighting continues in Aljawf as Houthis keep flooding the warfronts with hundreds of new recruits in a vehement attempt to make advances in that front.

  1. The speaker of the Libyan army Col. Mohammed Qonono said in a tweet (attached) that Yemeni mercenaries are in his country among other mercenaries from other states to fight alongside rebel leader Khalifah Haftar against his UN-recognized government. The remarks confirm news of Yemeni media last week that the UAE was recruiting south Yemen separatists and flying them at its expense to Libya. Source: Multiple news websites.
  2. Strong rifts and exchanged kidnapping of informants are taking place between the rival Houthi intelligence agencies. Source: Several news websites.

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