Gov’t offers new proposal to resume fuel imports flow to Hodeida port

Gov’t offers new proposal to resume fuel imports flow to Hodeida port

Alsahwa Net- The government of Yemen said on Sunday that it has offered a new initiative to resume flow of fuel imports into Hodeida port to avert further fuel shortage.

The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the new proposal offers that the government permits entrance of suspended fuel shipments into Hodeida port provided that revenues be deposited into a new special account outside the Houthis’ control or through a UN-sponsored  mechanism that ensures no withdrawals until the disbursement mechanism has been agreed upon.

The statement said that the government is keen that fuel flow into Hodeida port continues notwithstanding the Houthis breached the earlier agreed mechanism that was introduced by the UN Envoy to Yemen.

 Earlier the Houthis withdrew YR40 billion ($6.666 million) from revenues of the fuel imports deposited into a special account at the Central Bank branch in Hodeida that was allocated for paying monthly salaries of the public servants throughout Yemen.

The government's new proposal includes holding joint meetings to discuss enforcing the special mechanism on fuel imports and retrieve the withdrawn funds.

The new proposal is intended to reach an agreement on disbursement of fuel revenues including funds that were collected in the past period to the Central Bank's branch in Hodeida or the upcoming collected money.

The funds are planned to be used for paying public workers’ monthly servants in line to the 2014-lists.


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