Businessmen of Ibb implement open strike

Businessmen of Ibb implement open strike

Alsahwa Net-Several businessmen and owners of shops in the Houthis-held-Ibb governorate have been implementing an open strike for the third day in a row protesting illegal increase of the tax rate imposed by the Houthis officials.

The businessmen say that the Houthis-run Tax Office in Ibb imposes exorbitant taxes on the local businesses amid recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the circulation ban of the new banknotes of the Yemeni currency imposed by the Houthis.

They demanded that the rate of the tax remain the same of the past year with no increase.  

Mohammed Al-Sallahi, chief leader of the businessmen, said that the open strike will continue until the tax office responds to the merchant's demands.

He indicated that the merchants have already paid the outstanding tax, but the tax office demands payment of the illegal tax increase.

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