Gov’t official slams Griffiths’s statement on meeting with Iran's official

Gov’t official slams Griffiths’s statement on meeting with Iran's official

Alsahwa Net-Minister of Information, Muammar Al-Eryani slammed on Friday a statement by the United Nations (UN) Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths on his meeting with the Senior Assistant of the Iran's Foreign Minister, Ali Asghr Khaji.

Griffiths said last Wednesday that he held a “constructive meeting with Khaji and discussed views on efforts to reach a nationwide ceasefire in Yemen.

“The statement ignored the sabotage by Iran in Yemen and its role at destabilizing Yemen’s security and stability and turning it into a platform for targeting neighboring countries,” Al-Eryani said.

 “It [the statement] also ignored Iran's activities in the region that threaten shipping lanes and cause consequent human and material losses.”

He added that Griffith's statement ignored the UN Secretary General report  on the “examination of debris of weapons used in four terrorist attacks on Saudi Arabia and information  disclosed by US Department of Defense regarding seizure of two shipments of Iranian-made weapons that were intercepted in Arabian Sea on their way to the Houthis.”

He affirmed that any party that sends drones, ballistic missiles and experts of explosive devices to the Houthis militia to target Yemeni people and neighboring countries to threaten international shipping lines, cannot be a peace advocate.

He added that anyone sponsors terrorism  or sows chaos in the region cannot be a partner in building a path for peace.

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