What did the Yemeni media say today?

What did the Yemeni media say today?


  1. Ninety people many of them soldiers were killed and injured in a Houthi ballistic missile attack on a mosque in the government-held city of Marib early Friday. Source of the story: Multiple news websites.
  3. A Houthi sniper killed a boy in Taiz last evening in continuation of the non-stopping murder of children of the pro-government city. Source: Multiple news websites.
  4. A large convoy of armored vehicles and STC troops have been dispatched from Aden to Abyan province in the north to intensify the offensive and capture Abyan from government forces. Five UAE officers will supervise the battle. Source: Multiple news websites.
  5. Infantry Brigade 115 of the Yemeni army are organzing a commemoration of the first anniversary of the massacre the UAE warplanes committed against government forces trying to recapture Aden from the UAE’s STC militia.
  6. Al-Qaeda has activity resurged in Beidha employing the same tactics of Houthis as the latter started to attack Marib. The two groups are colluding to besiege government territories. Besides Houthis have an interest in using Al-Qaeda, like their predecessor Saleh, to confuse the political landscape. This is especially plausible given the remarks of a Houthi leader who expressed “the ability” of his group to use Al-Qaeda. Yet the foreign ambassadors take matter in double standard, condemning Al-Qaeda’s fresh resurgence while having been silent for long as the Houthis commit their terror acts. Source: Bilqees TV channel report.



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