Intellectuals: Houthis employ false religious events for political benefits

Intellectuals: Houthis employ false religious events for political benefits


Alsahwa Net- A group of Yemeni academics, scholars and intellectuals said that the Houthis capitalize on false religious events to create a new reality that serves the Iranian agendas in the region.

 This was highlighted during an online symposium held on Wednesday by the Yemeni Platform for Media and Studies. 

 Speakers of the symposium said that the Houthis are a sectarian group that uses false religious beliefs and the military force to impose its own ideology. 

Yemeni professor and former member of the Parliament, Saleh Al-Dhabyani, said that the Houthis celebrate the 18th of Thu Al-Hajja and10th of Mohram (first and last months of the Muslim Hijri calender) to promote their theocratic theory on government.

 He affirmed that religious texts that speak about the two events do no connote theocracy on government or that only one specific family should have the exclusive right to government.

Al-Dhabyani said that rituals of these two events including group crying were brought to Yemen by one Shiite leader named Ahmed Al-Jaroodi who also removed the name Omar from the grand mosque in Sana’a.


Al-Khidr Bin Halis, a scholar on Muslims’ ideology, said that the Houthis bomb Quarn schools and by so far, they detonated 42 schools.

 He said that Iran which supports the Houthis in Yemen, use false religious events to expand in the region.

Abdullah Al-Nahidi, member of the higher authority of the Al-Rashad Party, said that these false religious events threaten identity of the society.

 He explained that the Houthis keep making people busy with such false religious events to distract them from demanding improvement of their living standards.

He added that the Houthis manage the people by organizing chains of events around the year and collect money from them every month or two months to intimidate businessmen.  

For his part, the President’s advisor, Mohammed Al-Amri, said that awareness must be raised to confront such violent groups who attack civilians and stole properties using untrue religious narratives.


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